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Role Players 2022

Mohammed Ashraf

Head - Human Resources
Bank of Maldives

Ashraf is an experienced HR practitioner with exposure in the aviation, hospitality and banking industry, with a bachelor's degree in Commerce focused in Management & Human Resource Management. He is passionate and committed to making a positive impact on people's lives and keen to develop people to transform organizations for the better. He is a strong believer of human connections and endeavor to touch the lives of people's everyday life.

With a genuine interest in people development, he has years of experience in wider areas of Human Resource Management. He is a certified as a KPI Professional, Performance Audit Professional, and a Learning & Development Professional.

Ashraf believes that a company's success is determined by the success of its leadership. The success of leaders depend on their ability to help their people effectively deliver their strategies. He is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Coach, helping leaders to develop their capabilities to engage and motivate their people.

Ashraf has worked in the Aviation Industry in the Maldives with Velana International Airport for 17 years pioneering training and development in the airport to ensure development of its people competence through trainings conducted in-house, locally and international venues and partners. He worked with the airlines and other regulatory bodies in ensuring compliance in people aspects.

His current role at Bank of Maldives covers areas of People Development, Performance Management and Employee Engagement where he is driving transformational change through various Learning and Development Initiatives; influence creating value for a high performance workforce through a systematic and continuous approach; inspiring engagement with individuals and teams through various activities and execute intervention strategies on strengthening of the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward their places of work through various initiatives in regards to; and also partners with the HR Team in aspects of change and organizational development.

Ashraf have been a continuous contributor to the HR industry in the Maldives by supporting organizations in sharing his knowledge through various platforms. He was an expert speaker at the first ever Learning and Development Conference in the Maldives during 2019 and also in its Virtual Conference in 2020. He has also been panel speaker in the HR Congress in the Maldives in 2019 and 2022.

He strives excellence with a personal goal to help organizations build successful leaders and high-performance teams where people feel empowered.