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Role Players 2024

Rajiv Srinivas

Chief of Staff and India & Middle East Sales Leader

Rajiv Srinivas (RS) directs TA strategies and leads the tactical execution approaches that ultimately create globally competent and battle-ready talent supply chain. Equipping new-age businesses’ unique talent needs,

With over 25 years in Talent Acquisition, Rajiv has chosen and nurtured game-changing teams across HCL, Thoughtworks, Dell, ANZ Bank, Tech Mahindra, and Legato. Recently named in the list of top 10 strategy officers by the CEO insights forum, RS has in the past scaled a 9000- strong task force for a US-based healthcare captive in less than 18 months.

An Electronics Engineer by education and a swathe of certifications in behavioural assessments, RS’s relentless work ethic stems from a mindset of ‘execute without excuses.’

Based in Bangalore, RS is a cinephile. Enthusiastic about fitness, he derives joy from tennis and cricket sessions, music experiences, and culinary adventures. A multi-faceted personality, RS’s mantra – when one lives life fully, one realizes there is so much to do and so little time each day.