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Asia Pacific HRM Congress


Asia Pacific HRM Congress

Formed in 1980 from informal gatherings when HR and IT professionals found themselves needing mediators, IHRIM has become the world's leading clearinghouse for the HRIM (Human Resource Information Management) industry. Today, IHRIM is a community of experts – a dynamic group of practitioners, vendors, consultants, students, and faculty that continues to grow, not just in numbers, but in its scope of knowledge and information. Interviewed by Dr R L Bhatia - who attended the IHRIM conference in Washington D C as a Media Invitee:

What are the Three Biggest challenges HR will be facing in the coming decade?
Lynne: Everything is changing and changing fast. HR professionals will be faced with a continuing challenge of (1) Shortage of Talent all round. Business will need more skilled manpower with competencies that can make the business more agile and relevant. The need for competence management will be a great challenge.
(2) Business will face another problem of Generation gap. Baby boomers are not retiring as early as 10 years. Thus the need to manage aspirations and ambitions of baby boomers; Millennials and Generation X. (3) Being creative continuously and consistently will be the third big challenge. IT will change the face of what we do and change fast - systems; processes and may be our thoughts.

What will be the Technological trends in HR?
1. The use of social media and new technologies ..This will also lead to issues around privacy. Too much is happening too fast with regards to social media and new technologies. Soon HR leaders will have to do find new ways for learning and development . The mobile will take over this function. M learning is a fast rage.
2. Predictive analytics - will be a new trend and a dominating trend. (matrix and workforce analytics) Technology is moving towards predictive analytics. This will play an emerging role in the business of HR. A system and Technology to manage .How an HR Professional delivers technology to those people.

If there is one important message that you will like to give to HR professionals what will that message be..?
Lynne: To be a master of change; consider all possibilities; be willing to all ideas and embrace change .The task of HR professional will be to manage processes well - they key to this is communication . Communicate well internally; involve all and be impacted by change.

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