This is to state that some of my employees have misused my cell phones when i gave them the same for use during work. It is unfortunate that they have used the cell phones to send messages to themselves and their friends. This has been done on different occasions and at different times. Through this communication I wish to share with all concerned that the contents of the message is not known to me. This is a clear case of Breach of Trust. They have stopped coming to work.

Besides they were responsible for registration; they collected monies and did not deposit the same with our accounts department. Consequently the organisation lost monies. We continue to pursue with clients to get additional information.

Dr. R. L. Bhatia

Employer's Beware

Varun A. Bhanot

This is to state that Varun A. Bhanot joined the company on 14th August 2015. He joined as a internet surfer and Researcher. Varun A. Bhanot has stopped coming to work from 26th February 2017. Neither has he handed over any material or company property which is in his possession. Our communication to him, we have received no response. During the course of his work he was given office cell phones to use; data base and company property "in good faith ". There is breach of trust with regards to use of organisational resources and material. Anyone dealing with him can do so at  his own risk and belief. My organisation does not take responsibility for his actions.

Varun A. Bhanot Linked in Profile as below with regards to job description and work related to World HRD Congress is inaccurate and misleading.

Swati Wakchaure

Without Prejudice

This is to state that Swati Wakchaure walked out of the job on 10th September 2016 at 4.17 pm. There is no handover that is done by Swati Wakchaure. The person is in possession of all Company Documents, Strategy papers and Data Machines. The Organisation has attempted to reach Swati Wakchaure by Emails, Phone and Short Messages which has been unanswered. Swati Wakchaure has to return organisation's money which was given to help her during her personal challenges. Swati Wakchaure does not represent Fun and Joy at Work anymore. Any one dealing with her will do so at their Own Risk.

I appealed her to return all documents, papers & company material. I got no response.
Fun & Joy at work.

Tejal Navale

Tejal Navale has robbed the office material like CDs, Files from the organisation. She has defrauded our Organization. Any one dealing With her will do so at his own risk. Attempt to reach her proved futile.
Fun and Joy at Work.